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Everybody is allowed to have a break, to relax, to do nothing, to play, make a fire, have a  chat or be quiet.

Het Eibernest is a natural space where our COMMUNITY, people who care for people and the earth, can meet. More connection with nature and our own nature is our goal.

New initiatives come to life here. ( Eiber is Dutch for stork, which is a symbol of new life)

We are a foundation. The income we get from our activities is spent directly on the land. To make it more beautiful and diverse. Life in the soil is important. Natural food is important.

If you have an idea of plan you can contact us. If you want to stay in a tent, camper, yurt  you can contact us or book  : Airbnb yurt
For the tipi Airbnb.

Proud-member-of-UE-geel  We are member of  United Economy. This is a community where we work with our own community money.  . United economy

Activities of the foundation are helped by the company of Willem and Marjan Verhees. V.O.F. Verhees grondwerken. Verheesgrondwerken We pay rent for the use of the land.

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