General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions Foundation “Het Eibernest”,


  • ServicesIn these terms is spoken of the rental of the land and tents on  “Het Eibernest”. Hogebrug 3, 5757 RS te Liessel.
  • Definitions in these terms we speak of conditions, these conditions are applicable on all our services, deliveries and they are apply  for every visitor, participant, client, volunteer, accompanist, etc.


  • Applicability as soon as you set foot on our land you agree on these terms and conditions. The terms are visible on the website of the foundation ‘Het Eibernest’ the foundation beholds the right to change or complete these terms.


  • Het Eibernest is a season-bound event terrain. Open from the first of May to the first of October. Outside of these times, visitors are not allowed, except with special permission.


  • Liability  Foundation “Het Eibernest” can in no way be accountable for theft, loss, illnesses, accidents and/or damage to the visitor/guest.
  • Liability guest Every guest/visitor should have a good liability insurance and declares, independent of the eventual payment by this insurance, liable for damage and /or accidents caused by himself of by him invited persons to our property or property of other ( legal )  persons.  Liability of the visitor/guest affects also the rented as all other, on the terrain present facilities, where the visitor and/or his guests, with or without permission used or present, for damage commenced direct or indirect by fault or breaking these conditions. Or damage done by an animal or piece of equipment where they are the beholder of.
  • Liability during events  Damage, injury, death, and associated costs, as a result of an event on the terrain of ‘Het Eibernest’, is on your own risk. The visitor/guest excludes the foundation “Het Eibernest” from all claims for himself or others.
  • Liability of het foundation “Het Eibernest”The owners and members of the foundation “Het Eibernest” can never be held liable for accidents, damage, or theft on our terrain, to a visitor or their guest property also damage on any means of transport or on animals.


  • Camping visitors/guests bring their own tent or caravan and are allowed to place it in communication with a member on the terrain of ‘Het Eibernest.
  • The visitor/guest can rent a Mongolian tent ( yurt )
  • The visitor/guest can rent the whole terrain or a part of the terrain for events, which are suitable within the goals of the foundation ‘Het Eibernest”
  • The price of the rent is set before use. Payment can be done by bank or cash NL42TRIO 0338586997 tnv Het Eibernest, with your name and date.

Rules for the visitors/guest of the terrain ‘Het Eibernest’

  • Before you visit our terrain we must be informed of your coming, to one of the members of the foundation ‘Het Eibernest ‘.
  • It is not allowed to cause noise disturbance.
  • Using the outside kitchen is allowed, at your own risk.
  • The visitor/guest is asked to leave the terrain, the kitchen, the toilet clean and neat.
  • Waste is collected in separate buckets.
  • Damaging trees or plants is prohibited.
  • Digging on the terrain is prohibited, sandpit excluded.
  • Making a campfire is allowed, in good communication, at the designated fireplace.
  • Dogs and pets are allowed, when they cause disturbances you can be asked to keep them leashed
  • Visitors /guests need to be informed that there is a risk on the Lyme disease, infection comes from infected tics.
  • By swimming in the natural water, there is a change you can be infected by the disease of Weill. Our advice is not to swim, if you have wounds and don’t drink the water.  When you have signs of flue, you must inform the doctor that you swam in nature water.
  • Payment obligation When a visitor/guest doesn’t pay on time, the foundation can ask the visitor/guest to leave the property, till payment is done.
  • Recite Reservation is definitive as the payment is done. You can recite till 48 hours before start date.
  • Canceling If due to circumstances the foundation ‘Het Eibernest’ is forced to cancel agreements made, there will be searched for an alternative date. Or the payment will be returned. The foundation ‘Het Eibernest’ will define the solution.
  • In these rules there is spoken of the terms, conditions which are suitable to all our services and apply to all visitors, participants, clients, volunteers, accompanist, etc.