Care for humans,

Care for the earth,

and share the wealth.

We want to work together, as a community, for a sustainable environment. We do this from the idea that everything is interconnected in a dynamic system.

The foundation: “The Eibernest” works together with a circle of people to  organize connecting activities on our land.

The activities will mainly take place in the summer on “The Eibernest”. There may also be activities in Deurne or elsewhere organized by the Foundation.

 Education, nature, healthy food,natural building, personal growth and community builing . Learning new and old ways of  sustainable living.  

We have created with the help of several people, a nice sheltered peace of land here in Liessel.  Exit 37 , A67, between Eindhoven and Venlo. The plot is 1.5 hectares.  PERMACULTURE / TRANSITION TOWNS / DEEP ECOLOGY  are our direction, for how we deal with soil, plants, animals and people. Growing food in a new way; polyculture and  more perennials, trees and shrubs, into a cohesive system (like a food forest). Natural building with material we have here. We rent a yurt and a tepee.  There is a stage, a big roof where you can cook, a toilet and a shower.

There is room for more activities or larger gatherings. The whole premises is for rent.

Activities like: Personal development and reflection: ao Silence walks and days of silence, meditation, Chi neng chi gong, Shamanism, sound concerts, singing Mantra’s. Look at our agenda.

 Children: Making a walk with hairy pigs, building huts, getting dirty, picking flowers, playing with sand, mud, swimming in natural water, catching tadpoles, working with soapstone, willow weaving, help in the garden … etc ..

Money: The money we earn goes to build up the land. When you want to help us, you can have a discount.

Adopt a job: It is wonderfull if you can help us with gardening, building, keeping the place tidy.


In our private garden we have 2 hairy whool pigs. ( Mangalica ) You can have a walk in our garden, if it suits our program.