EiberForrest EiberMeadow EiberGarden

The Eibernest expands with one hectare of land. The plot is located between the current Eibernest and our garden. We have been dreaming about a foodforrest and now we are getting started, under the management of the Foundation.

The land is divided into a grassland / meadow and a piece that has been planted with native shrubs and trees and walnut trees. Here a winding path runs through (reflection path). On the Eibernest itself we have planted more fruit, hazelnut, nuts and chestnuts.

 meditation path

In 2018 we rent 6 recreational places on this piece of land. We do this to people who are in touch with our intentions and are willing to help in addition to rent. Everyone gets their own place, but there is also common use. ( a tunnel greenhouse and vegetable garden) All places are occupied now.

Swimming in the pond is allowed.