Elderflower syrup

20 bunches Elderflowers, not too much pollen.                                                                                  3  lemons ( cut them in 4 )                                                                                                                    3  liters of water                                                                                                                                        Leave this for 24 hours, then sift it through a towel in a colander.

50 gram citric and  3 kg  sugar, cook it for a few minutes.                                                              Then you have 4 liters of syrup. Make lemonade of it, by adding water 1 :10)


Dandelion jelly

200 gr dandelion flowers

1 lemon,  1 orange, boiling water , and 1 kg jelly sugar.

Don’t wash the flowers, it takes away the taste. Cut off the green bud. With a knife, you can pretty easily remove the yellow leaves out of the green bud. Throw away the green. Only use the yellow and put them in a bowl. Clean the lemon and the orange and cut them in slices ( leave the peel on ) Add it with the flowers.  Pour boiling water on it, till it is flooded. About 750 ml is nice, because you can use 1 kg jelly sugar. Press a spoon on it, to get more juice of the peel. Leave it be for 24 hours. Then sift it through a towel in a colander. Poor the flowers and the water in it and squeeze it.

Boil the juice for 4 minutes, with the jelly sugar.



A sweet surprise with  ( sheep -) cheese, a traditional in Portugal. You can keep it good for a year, outside of the refrigerator in a airtight container.

Wash the quinces and cut them in four. Remove the core. Boil them for 45 minutes. Remove the water. This water you can use to make syrup.

Now put them in a food mill with small holes. Put it back in the pan and add the same weight sugar to it. Boil it and keep stirring till most of the moisture is evaporated. Take care, it splashes ! Keep stirring till it doesn’t move back. Put it in a scale. It will cool of stiff and you can cut slices of it.

membrillo Marjan.