Open air Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance Event at the Eibernest


A C0-creation by Saskia Vermeesch, the Eibernest and DJ Soulfine.

DJ Soulfine visited het Eibernest earlier this year. With her warm passionate and surprising beats, she takes you on this Ecstatic dance trip. She will also accompany the opening ceremony. We are happy with DJ Soulfine 


Tickets : 12 euro p/p.   Go to: tickets

You are welcome at 4.00  pm. Dance starts at 6.00 pm and ends at 8.00-8.30 pm .        Take your own drinks with you ( NO ALCOHOL ). Entrance is 12 euros. There is tea and water provided.

Anyone who wants to sleep can do this for 10 euro per person in the yurt ( shared ) / tipi  ( shared )/ tiny wagon, or a private tent. Please register before 9 September, by mail :

What is Ecstatic Dance?
Ecstatic Dance is a “conscious” free form dance. Everyone can dance this dance and everyone is welcome.
Dance and move in complete freedom as you like. You make your own dance in your unique way.

To make the Ecstatic Dance experience possible, there are a number of basic rules.

– During the dancing is not talked. Making sound is allowed.
– Respect yourself, the other person and his space to dance.
– Dancing on bare feet.
– No alcohol, drugs, strong odors.

You can dance on your own and / or with one or more dance partners.
If you want to dance with someone, approach that person with respect. Ask yourself: “Is he (they) open to it?” Mirror the movement of that dancer, make eye contact or offer a hand. See and feel the reaction.

If you only wish to dance (further), bring your hands together for your heart and thank the other person by saying hello with a nodding gesture. Namasté.

Photographing and filming are not allowed. No phones.

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