Meditations with the grandmothers

From September 2018 there will be monthly meetings of De Grandmothers group at Het Eibernest

Dates: 24 September 22 October 19 November 17 December. Please let Hanneke know if you come.

Do you not yet know the work with ‘De Grootmoeders’? Shirley McErlane (to whom she appeared) published three fascinating books about her experiences and lessons. “The Grandmothers Speak” / “A Call from The Grandmothers” / “In connection with The Grandmothers” The net of light

We only ask for a donation of your choice, based on valuation and capacity, to cover the expenses. What may be left of this goes to meetings and activities that help spread this message across the world. So feel for yourself the value of what you receive through the meeting and of De Grootmoeders, to leave your contribution afterwards.

Starting at 19.45hrs with coffee and tea. At 20.00 we start our program We use the Yurt or the fire place. So take something warm for the outdoor space. If you have a drum, feel invited to take it with you

Do you join us for this fine and beautiful work? Be very welcome !! For info and information:

Hanneke 0492-516534 / We have temporarily taken over the group from Karin i.v. her current maternity leave

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